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Lore Overview Empty Lore Overview

on Fri Aug 31, 2018 11:57 am
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on Tue Sep 04, 2018 4:20 pm

The history of the Azure realm spans back countless eons. Peak experts have used various methods to peer into the past but all efforts have one point in common where time simply can't be turned back any further. A huge explosion of  golden energy came from seemingly nowhere spreading out to form the vast universe. As the gold light of the blast fades the ancient enigma known as the "Origin Core" appears floating solely at the center of a newly forming universe. That moment has been commonly referred to as "Origin" and it marks the beginning of the Primordial Era. Many scholars and experts debate the mystery behind this event. Some think its a natural phenomenon of "Laws" while others suggest some heavenly being was the cause. Regardless of what is believed, it is fact that the Azure Realm is centered around the source where Origin occurred.

Primordial Era:[Open during Alpha and Beta only]
Following Origin extremely pure energy scattered outwards carrying with it the "Laws" and "Truths" in their purest forms. Gradually the laws and energy began to condense forming extremely powerful beings and divine creatures. Dragons, Unicorns, Pheonix, and more legendary monsters thrived across the cosmos. Among these new beings were the first humans, born from the chaos of Origin itself. These humans did not know the woes of "mortality" nor did any of the other diverse species present during the primordial era. The weakest standard of life form was at the Heavenly King stage of cultivation and since the laws were so pure gaining insights in them was simply a much easier feat than in modern times. It was truly a golden era of prosperity for all as the number of god-like experts that roamed the void were like grains of sand on a beach.

The various races lived in the void experiencing relative peace and tranquility with no major outbreaks of violence or conflict as all were content to cultivate using the excess origin energy still lingering after the Origin event. They used this energy to create various worlds and paradises for themselves and absorbed it to cultivate their strengths. Alas, thing couldn't last forever and eventually the left over energy had all been consumed. The Primordial Era then suffered a decline where the races stagnated. As their relative strengths stabilized the various races began to feud over status until eventually wars broke out and the Barren Era began.

  • All regions open
  • Liquid time
  • Races never war and only compete using the younger generations in fair competition.
  • All creations become ancestral bloodlines, treasures, and inheritances which become potential rewards for players in following eras

Barren Era:[Open during Beta and beyond]
The Barren Era is several millions of years in which nearly all of the beings born from the natural condensation of Origin energy died out due to constant warfare. Humans were among the weakest of the races physically but their insights into Laws made allowed them to develop immaculate techniques to compete with the divine treasure-like bodies of creatures like dragons and nine-tailed foxes. Despite their inherent weakness, humanity managed to prevent themselves from being wiped out long enough to produce a supreme peak expert known to history as "The Azure Lord" who would eventually bring an end to the Barren Era. The Azure Lord swept through the cosmos and dominated many of the peak experts of the various races and established himself as the number one power across the Realm. After a long campaign, the leaders of the other races all came to perish or kneel before the Azure Lord's might. During the wars so many powerful beings had died that virtually every group remaining aside from the humans were shadows of their former selves.

  • Regions divided into Factions.
  • Liquid Time
  • Faction Wars enabled.
  • Characters from the Primordial Era start with a Time-Skip Boost capping at Heavenly Emperor.

Azure Era:[Locked for plot]
Upon unifying all creation under the rule of humans, the Azure Lord named the universe "The Azure Realm" and declared himself its lord. Many expected that the Azure Lord would attempt to enter the Origin Core to gain control over the Laws that governed the realm. There were those among the human race who wished to seize the Realm Core in order to write humanity's dominance into the very Laws themselves. But the Azure Lord resisted the urge to enter the core and instead gathered up all the powerful experts from across all the races with a plan to revive the prosperity of the Primordial Era for all races. After a long debate and much convincing, the elder powers of all races, including the Azure Lord himself, agreed to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their species. There were simply too many powerful experts and not enough energy to sustain them all, even after the bloody wars of the Barren Realm there were countless billions of powerful god-like beings across the races.

The elders all chose a handful of the weakest and youngest among their races to continue their bloodlines and left them legacies with hopes for future greatness. Then they gathered up most of their species, willing or unwilling, to meet the Azure Lord at the Origin Core. There they all engaged in a form of suicide which cast their energy outwards throughout the universe with very specific intentions. It was no longer pure Laws and source energy but a small scale repeat of the Origin event took place only this time instead of gold the universe was bathed in Azure light.

The released energy came to settle around the worlds that the various races left behind, focused around them like nodes of life throughout the realm. Instead of condensing on its own to create new life forms, it was harnessed by the worlds as energy to create "Mortals" to inhabit them. It is because the dawn of the Azure Era includes the birth of the first mortals, it is sometimes called the "Azure Mortal Era" by the few survivors from a time before there were mortals.

  • Non-Playable

Present:[Locked until Beta is complete]
It has been 10 billion years since the Azure Era began. Since then the various worlds mortals have created numerous civilizations and societies. Some are cruel and barbaric where monsters reign and the survival of the strongest is the only rule. Others are vast empires that span several worlds. Some have produced countless new experts who rediscovered the path of cultivation while others gave up on spiritual cultivation entirely relying instead on technology. The various elders of races have secluded themselves away maintaining the status quo, Many of them merged with the World cores of the more powerful worlds where mortals rediscovered cultivation with the intent to suppress and limit its inhabitants from becoming too powerful. It's been a long time since anything defining enough to mark a new era took place. Will you be the one to make it happen?

  • Chosen Characters enabled.
  • Faction Reset
  • Present Time enabled(Annual advancement of 100yrs IC)
  • Character Chronology enabled.
  • Travel Requirements enabled
  • Faction Wars and Faction Borders enabled.
  • Region Building enabled
  • World Lords enabled.
  • Technology enabled.

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on Tue Sep 04, 2018 4:45 pm
Important Terms

Cultivation - Cultivation broadly refers to an individual's spiritual power. Cultivation is measured by how much source energy their Source Core contains.

Divine Treasure - When source energy condenses into something without sentience such as an object or a plant it is called a Divine Treasure. There are various levels and types of Divine Treasures that exist. Some are used for rare pill recipes, some are used to forge godly weapons. Demon Beasts and Humans that have engaged in Tempering will eventually turn pieces or even their whole bodies into Divine Treasures.
Divine Beast - Life forms that have formed from the natural condensation of laws and energy following the Azure Lord's sacrifice.
Demon Beast - Progeny of the original Divine Beasts from before the Azure Lord's sacrifice who were born mortal, but walked the path of cultivation. Only animals and plants that have gained sentience can cultivate to escape the chains of being mortal
Dantian - One of the two vital points in any cultivator's body. It is where their Source Core is located and the seat of their cultivation. If the dantian is pierced or otherwise damaged it can cause the victim's cultivation to leak out. The result of a damaged Dantian is at best to wind up crippled and at worse leads to death.

Inner World - Sending your perception into your Dantian allows you to view your inner world. The inner world is a spiritual representation of your current cultivation and insights into Laws.

Laws - Also known as "Dao" or "Truths" these are the underlying mysterious behind creation. Understanding laws is a long and difficult path but gaining insights into them enables cultivation breakthroughs and the power to wield the universes laws as part of your personal strength.

Origin - The explosive golden burst of energy that created the universe.
Origin Energy - The golden energy formed from only the purest of Laws which served as fuel to create the first life forms and worlds. It is extremely beneficial to growing ones cultivation but after the Barren Era nearly all of the Origin Energy was used up. All Source Energy can be traced back to this Origin Energy but the laws contained within are no longer as pure.
Origin Core - A mysterious location at the center of the Azure Realm that has existed since its creation. A spherical spatial storm twists there and its suspected that the spiritual core of the Azure Realm is hidden inside. Legends say that anyone who can enter the Core without being killed by the spatial storm will become the Lord of the entire Realm making its laws subject to their total control.


Source Energy
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