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Races & Ancient Bloodlines Empty Races & Ancient Bloodlines

on Tue Sep 04, 2018 10:47 pm
There are two main playable races in the Azure Realm along with an additional third race only available through special means. These races are Humans, Demon Beasts, and Divine Beasts.

Humans are the most numerous and prolific race throughout the Azure Realm. It is rare to find worlds where humans are in the minority. They are born with sentience and possess a natural affinity towards understanding Laws. Unfortunately their bodies are frail and difficult to temper. Unlike demon beasts, humans can ascend onto the path of cultivation simply by absorbing the energy from heaven and earth.

x2 bonus to Law Insights
x0.5 penalty to Tempering

Demon Beasts
Though there are myriad other species beyond humans all of them lack sentience while mortal.  When normal beasts are led by instinct and luck to ascend onto the path of cultivation they become Demon Beasts. A Demon Beast lacks the comprehension of Laws that humans possess, but their bodies are slowly nurtured into divine treasures. Unlike humans, beasts can only ascend on the path of cultivation by devouring someone or something rich in spiritual energy.

x2 bonus to Tempering
x0.5 penalty to Law Insights
Gain access to a human form that retains some beast-like traits at C1 tier

Divine Beasts
These are creatures that were not born as mortals but instead were directly condensed from source energy. All of the ancient Divine Beasts were actually the ancestors of modern day demon beasts. Born from the purest Origin energy they had sentience from birth. But none remain and Divine Beasts born from the current Realm's energy are inherently flawed. Though they are born with powerful cultivation and tempering they have no comprehension of Laws at all and will generally lack intelligence. The smartest of their kind are barely at the cognitive level of humans.

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Races & Ancient Bloodlines Empty Re: Races & Ancient Bloodlines

on Tue Sep 04, 2018 11:08 pm
Ancient Bloodlines
When the elders of the various races used their own lives to create many new weaker lives they entrusted the future generations with their bloodlines. Some of these bloodlines were extraordinary or simply thinned out too much to make an impact. However, it is possible to obtain or awaken bloodlines by being exposed to divine treasures or other members of the same bloodline. Possessing an awakened bloodline is considered a high honor and can increase the power of the wielders cultivation, laws, or tempering depending on the type of bloodline.

Noble Bloodline:
These are bloodlines of powerful figures but during the ancient times they were considered average. If the ancestry isn't human then this is where beasts based on real life creatures would be typically found. From serpents to elephants, there are countless different species to choose from. It is considered lucky but not that impressive to have a noble bloodline.

-+1 passive sub tier to one of either, Cultivation, Laws or Tempering

Imperial Bloodline:
These are bloodlines of ancient figures that were considered to be geniuses during their time. These usually lesser versions of mythical creatures such as flood dragons, a two-tailed fox, or a blazing condor. It is considered an honor to have an imperial bloodline.

+1 passive sub tier to two of either, Cultivation, Laws, or Tempering

Godly Bloodline:
These are the bloodlines of the leaders and peak geniuses of ancient times. They are usually regal and divine beings such as Phoenix Kings, Xuanwu Turtles, and Dragon Lords. Godly bloodlines are legends that some even claim to by myth,

+1 passive sub tier to Cultivation, Laws, and Tempering
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